Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shhhh - Don't Jinx It

Shhhh - don’t jinx it. I may be cooking again. I bought an acorn squash at the Farmers’ Market last week. Now acorn squash has always been easy. Slice it, core it, bake it with some butter and brown sugar in the middle, add a little more when done and eat as a lovely sweet side to whatever entree’ you have prepared. 

However, this year, before I had a chance to do the usual, someone posted on FB a short video of a chef preparing a savory acorn squash stuffing. I went to the website for Food Network and looked up acorn squash. There was the nice southern butter and brown sugar version. There were also video after video of savory stuffings. I’m not sure how many I watched - six or seven I think. One I had to reject outright - full of cabbage and peppers which do not sit well on my sweetie’s stomach. Others noted, but I was missing several key ingredients and I was not in the mood to shop. 

Finally yesterday morning as I lay in bed contemplating my day, I put together the combination of ingredients that I had and that I thought would work for us. Sure enough: voila! Stuffed acorn squash. It was a little spicy and accompanied by homemade apple sauce which gave it just the sweet the spice needed. Delicious. I’m not sure I want this to become a habit and for the moment, I'm enjoying some time in the kitchen. 


Mike Christie said...

Ah, but you fixed the meal and it turned out well. So there's no way to jinx it. It was a success, so whether you go back to cooking or not it's all good.

Tahoe Mom said...

*Big Grin* - thanks, Mike.