Friday, October 23, 2015

Name Your Discovery

Owlet and Puck spent the night in camp with us. After breakfast, they headed out to explore the empty lake bed - Emigrant Lake is way down given the northwest drought. While on their hiking around, they discovered all sorts of geological landmarks, visible now that the water level is down. They named them all. Later in the morning, they took Grandpa and Mama Susan with them to show us all the landmarks.

First was a long rock that they named the SS Lizard. 
They built a cairn to mark the spot.

Next was Earth's Well.

The Stump, marked with a stick Owlet had carried for a while.

The Thing: the yucky piece of the boat mentioned in the last blog was found
here. Upside down mountain is a reflection of course. 

X marks the spot.

Jack Rabbit Hill, so named because they saw their first ever jack rabbit
hopping up this hill. 

The Snake Bridge to Nowhere.

The Resting Rock, spring 2014.

The Resting Rock, fall 2015. Wow, the difference
18 months makes.

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