Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thus Beginneth the Holiday Saga

Holidays are full of traditions ~ some of which are very old, some of which start new with each generation.

How do you keep young ones occupied in a basically adult home?
Aunt Mame reminded me of napkin making. Plain white napkins, fabric pens
and no expectations of design and you have an art project for all ages, 
and extra napkins when there are 14 people around two tables.

Even older cousins join in the fun. 

The Grinch is a favorite reading tradition whether on Skype to distant grands
or up close and personal at rest time.

This seems to be the favorite position to "read" a favorite animal book, 
naming them all and making most of the sounds.

Texas families often play 42 ~ and each year cousins are taught 
the rules by patient fathers and aunts. They even played a "dishwasher" game,
the loser of which had to do the dishes. I Like that variation!!

~ and the tradition continues.

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