Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blatant Advertising

I know I probably should be telling you all about the arrival of some of our family last night and the chaos and delight that comes with little girls for whom Christmas is still in progress. However, one thing that has made the chaos and delight possible for me is that I have Finally found a zinc product that works for me and is keeping the cold at bay.

Never mind that it is cherry flavored and tastes like a kid's candy. For me it works. For years friends have said, "I feel a cold coming on, I take zinc and it goes away." And for years that hasn't worked for me. I still got the cold, felt bad and had to deal with it the best I could. This year - zapped it with the first lozenge. Yes! 
Now, this may not work for you any more than your recommendations have worked for me. I'm just saying that I am happy to have found it and pleased to be enjoying the whirlwind of grands that is sweeping through my house. What a blessing!

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