Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Tea

Several years ago I had a friend and her daughter to tea. The daughter was probably in the 5th or 6th grade. This year, she is in 8th grade, and asked her mom if there was any chance they might come here for tea again. I was thrilled that she wanted to do this again. So today we had a Christmas tea.

The table setting. I chose to use the Christmas china I have and little Christmas mugs.
We sat on the side of the round table so we could look at what decorations we have.
The tea itself was very special. My friend from Wales brought me a box of the tea created for William and Katherine's wedding breakfast. It is a rich strong tea and I thought it would add to the story of the afternoon.

Tea sandwiches included the traditional cucumber and cream cheese; ham on sharp cheddar spread topped with a slice of walnut that has been softened in a rich sauce; and egg salad. Yummy.

My friends enjoyed the spread.

The picture is fuzzy but the scones were Perfect!! They were accompanied by real butter, lemon curd, strawberry jam, and creme fraise. Take your pick. 
Sweets were a rich brownie and a lemon square.
I had such fun and it was so easy. I really must plan this more often. It is so nice to stop in the middle of an afternoon and eat and visit with friends.


Brook Costa said...

Thank you Susan for a wonderful afternoon tea.
Brook and Brianna

Tahoe Mom said...

You are very, very welcome!