Friday, December 26, 2014

On the Second Day of Christmas . . .

. . .well, not exactly. On this Christmas Eve my children gave to me . . . a gift that included a few more things than the two shown here. These however were two I didn't know and have now come to love in 48 hours. 

I drink Twinings' English Breakfast every morning. Of all the Christmas spiced teas I have seen and had in my tea drawer, I had never seen Twinings Christmas Tea. Trust Twinings. Their Christmas Tea is perfect. Just the right blend of spices without being overpowering, a trait of every other holiday tea I have tried. Drink Twinings, you are actually drinking tea with some spice instead of spices delivered in tea. 
I have been fighting off my regular Christmas cold taking lots of zinc. Now the absorption power of zinc is minimized if you drink or eat citrus while taking it. What do I like on my sore throat? Hot tea with lemon of course. *sigh* And then arrived  Twinings Winter  Spice, Camomile with apple, cinnamon and nutmeg. Herbal with no citrus. Perfect to give me hot tea on my throat any time and it actually tastes good. I had a cup in my hand before I ever called my darlings to say Thank You!
The gift doesn't have to be big or flashy or expensive to be perfect. And these are so perfect, I can recommend them to you with delight. May your Christmas blessings continue ~ 

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