Thursday, December 11, 2014

By Any Other Name

Two things happened in the last two days. First daughter Michelle posted a gorgeous new picture of herself to FB causing me to comment, “ ~ and half of those genes are mine!” Second, a picture of two grands in ballet costumes were posted causing Dean to comment, “ Grandpa’s sweethearts”.

Contemplating these two posts, I realized how important and special it is to be related in a way that allows you to use a name. There are two people in the whole world who call me Mama. There are 12 people in the whole world who call Dean and me Grandpa and Mama Susan. Technically I am genetically related to only 3 of them, but that doesn’t matter. Whatever other relationships are (aunt, uncle, dear friend, neighbor, sitter), I am their Mama Susan and Dean is their Grandpa. We are linked by a relationship that allows the use of a special name. And to use that name or be called by it is amazing, delightful, and truly a show of love. 

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