Friday, October 31, 2014

A Halloween Story

Seeing all the Halloween posts on FaceBook makes me think I will tell you a Halloween story. I have only told it. Never tried to write it before so we will see. It happened a long time ago. 

Rex and I were invited to an adult Halloween party. I went as a witch. He went as Dracula. I waxed his hair back and gave him a widow’s peak. He had a goatee so I took a little stage blood and dribbled it down the corner of his beard. A little white make up, tux pants and shirt and a long cape and he was amazing. 

We were greeted by our hostess. Rex bent over, kissed her hand and said, “I vish it were your neck.” We all laughed. A friend of hers walked up and she introduced us. Rex bent over her hand, kissed it, and said, “I vish it were your neck.” And she never left his side for the entire party. 

Once in a while he would meet my eyes across the room and I would know it was time to come and take him away. She always found him though. It was rather interesting. Once the party was over and we moved into November, the phone calls started coming. He was invited to lunch several times and each time he would say, “We would love to come. I just have to ask Susan her schedule.” And the invitation would be gently withdrawn. I guess she finally got the hint because the calls stopped. Moral: Make sure the neck you offer to bite is actually one you want to bite. Happy Halloween!


Phil Miller said...

We're to assume you have no neck scars, right?

Tahoe Mom said...

You're funny, Phil. No neck scars - but it was a great line. It just backfired.