Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cellular Memory

I’ve been reading from my Kindle for quite a while. I do still read paper books but, much to my surprise, not as often as I read from my Kindle. Still, I have read from paper for many, many years more than from a Kindle. 

The other day I was reading and a woman asked what I was reading. I automatically turned my Kindle over to show her the cover as I recited the title ~ except it was my Kindle so the same black cover is there regardless of the name or type of book. 

Today I was reading when the storm came in. The room darkened as the rain spattered down. Sitting in a chair with no lamp close, I realized I was having a hard time seeing and was just about to mutter about having to move to have more light when I realized I was reading my Kindle ~ and the last time I had read had been in the middle of the night and I had turned the back light way down. I turned it up and kept reading. It takes a long time for the body to change habits of a life time. 

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