Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cyber Sighs

Back in September I clicked on my journal and up came a little window saying that Pages was no longer supported. I had to upload Yosemite. Fine. Except when I went to the Apple page, it told me that Yosemite would be available “this fall”. Having no idea if I was behind or ahead of time I called the friendly folk at Apple. I was ahead. As my journal kept opening, I was ok. The Apple tech wasn’t sure what day in October Yosemite would be available but I would get some kind of announcement. 
I’m not sure I actually received an announcement but while visiting the family in SoCal who have very fast wifi, I decided to check. Sure enough Yosemite had been launched and so I uploaded the new system. 

Given how minimally I use the abilities of my computer, I am not really aware of any great changes ~ except for the look of things. I guess they really want you to know just by looking that you have a brand new system. My dock looks different. When I pull up my browser, that page looks different. Even my mail page is pale pink and purple instead of the basic black and white of before. It did leave me with my chosen desk top palate for which I am grateful. 

I guess, if I am going to live even peripherally in a cyberspace world, I need to adjust to there being changes all the time. Things move very fast. Even my “new” phone is about 2 generations old. *sigh* Dean calls me the Cyber Grandma, but I’m beginning to feel like the cyber bones are creaking rather loudly. 


Phil Miller said...

How I sympathize! My blog kept going off the rails. I had too much stuff for the space allocated in my original purchase. My shopping resulted in migrating to a new host server, and said migration resulted in losing most of the photos in my 200 or so archived posts. Celebrate the temporary, for even the cloud blows this way and that in the wind.

Tahoe Mom said...

wow - and here I was worried about color of my mail box and placement of my dock. Bless you -- was there no way to reclaim the photos? You don't really have to answer that - I figure there wasn't. I do like the sentiment of celebrating the temporary.