Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Voted

I almost didn’t. I am so apathetic about this vote and the only things that really kept me going this year were 1) voting gives me a right to complain and 2) the thought of all those suffragettes who were beaten, jailed, and force-fed so that I could vote. And so I voted. In a reasonably informed way. 

I admit to my own ambivalence. Some choices are very clear. Some really aren’t. Both sides of the argument sound good to me. People I respect (teachers, police, nurses) stand on both sides of the same issue. I find it difficult to make a decision. And eventually I do. Mark those little circles and turn it in. 

Technically I should have voted before now as I vote by mail. This year, my ballot didn’t get to me in time to be certain it was in by today so I had Dean deliver it when he went to vote. He brought me back my sticker. No matter how ambivalent, how apathetic, how upset with the process, I Voted! I hope you have too. It is a right and a privilege we should never give up. 

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