Saturday, October 11, 2014

On Reading and Learning

The typical question has always been “What are you reading?” It is always a good question to start a conversation, learn a little something about a new acquaintance, catch up with an old friend or just fill in some time when conversation is called for. 

When I am asked that these days, I am always just a tad embarrassed because I am not reading a lot that isn’t mystery and usually I am asked while reading something light and fluffy. But ask me what I am learning and the answer becomes a lot more involved. 

Right now I am watching and listening to Great Courses lectures on the American Revolution. I am learning about all the military planning that went into the British attempt to put down this rag-tag rebellion in the colonies. Lexington and Concord were lost because the British underestimated the strength and the abilities of those rag-tag militia. Once they decided they had better take this rebellion seriously, they had the problem of a 3000 mile ocean between the battles and the orders or replacements coming from King and Parliament. 

This is fun stuff. It wasn’t fun in the winters of 1776 - 1779. General Washington found himself retreating more often than advancing. It is interesting to delve more deeply into the diaries, documents and decrees from this period in our history and learn what we really mean when we raise a toast on July 4th to the founders of our feast. 

So - my reading is a light, well-written romance by one of my favorite mystery writers (I decided to check out her other genre) while my learning comes from watching and listening and spending some imagined time marching through New England with both Generals Washington and Howe. Two very different answers to two very different questions. ~ blessings 


Mike Christie said...

If you're enjoying that series consider A Skeptic's Guide to American History from the Great Courses.

Tahoe Mom said...

~ and since you suggested that, Mike, you have decided to send me your copy! Thank you So Much!!