Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lil' Darlin'

Lil' Darlin' is three. She is gregarious, bright-eyed, fearless and into all sorts of activities.

She needs a little help with some of them at first,

and she soon has it on her own.

She joins the family soccer tradition and can really kick that ball.

She turns a little shy when another soccer player  tries to make friends.

Yes! Kicked it through the hoop every time!
Soccer players got a present

Lil' Darlin' also takes ballet. I snuck in a picture. 
This day they performed their Jingle Bells dance all by themselves.
She knew Exactly where she was to stop after the circle. 

She is also a wonderful cousin who is willing to share her pizza with her younger cousin.
I am having such fun. More pictures follow. I already have too many to put them all in one blog. ~ May your day be as blessed as mine!

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