Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, "Baby"

Ah yes, I remember it well. The day started warm and energetic. I was up and doing, dressed in a short sleeve jumper. I didn’t feel quite like biking 3 year old daughter to day care but otherwise I was fine. By the time Rex came home for lunch, I had on a long sleeve blouse under my jumper, had slept most of the morning and was very lethargic. Even though I had a 3:30 appointment with my OB, Rex insisted on taking me to see him right then. 

I wrapped a wool cape around me and as the snow started to fall, we drove in my lithe car past the service station where the big, sturdy station wagon was getting the snow tires put on in case we had to drive to the hospital in the snow two weeks later when the baby was due. 

Rex went into the doctor’s office and said, I think my wife’s having the baby. The doctor tossed an armload of files who knows where and came out to the car. He sent us to the hospital, assuring us nothing was going to happen soon and he would see us after work. He made it to the examination room before Rex could get up from admitting. We all three moved quickly to delivery and our precious, wonderful baby girl was born an hour before my appointment time. 

In those days, we didn’t know she was a she until the announcement in the moment. Denver had a 19 inch snow that day. I had a 19 inch baby girl. Joy I will never forget and in spite of all the years between will remember every October 3rd for as long as I live. Joy then ~ Joy now in all the accomplishments and delight only vaguely imagined on that snowy October day. ~ blessings to you in your joy and delights both past and present

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