Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break in Temecula, 1

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you! Another week of spring break with some more delightful grands. 

Papa and Mama Duck settled in under our table at the Bishop Park when we stopped to eat lunch on our way down. 

Our youngest grand: look what I can do!

The destructive power of one Oreo!

Where do we learn this? Ask for a smile, get a pose. 

She doesn't mind noise as long as she is making it!

Fabulous children's museum: Penny Pickle. She spins, the whole wall of interconnected machinery behind her goes into motion. 

The Captain's Chair

"Make it so."

Swim lesson determination

Young dolphin.

Aren't I cute when I clap my hands?

Cousins together. 

Ballet, museum, swimming, soccer practice and energy left over to play with her cousin.

Another fashionista in the family. I love the lady bug boots!

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