Monday, April 21, 2014

So Very Proud of the Grands

This was a weekend to be proud of the grands. Puck was amazing in his play: he was John Darling in Peter Pan. The Owlet was her usual delightful self and has memorized The Song from Frozen which she sang for me a cappella on key with emphasis in all the right places without pushing her clear, high 9 year-old soprano. So - very proud of them.

And what made me the most proud was their community service. A teacher at the Owlet’s school has a young son who is dying of cancer. The whole school as gotten behind this family with support like vigils and raising money. Owlet and Puck are participating in the Sparrow Project. There is a fund into which the community contributes, in this case I believe mainly from a law firm. The money for helping the family is there. Then the students do community service to “earn” the money. For every hour of service, $10 goes to the family. 

We were camping at Emigrant Lake. Michelle asked the camp host, who checked with the park ranger, to see if there might be something the kids could do for an hour while they were with us on Sunday. They knew instantly: pick up trash along the lakeshore. The camp host gave them gloves and two of those pick up sticks and trash bags. Off they went. 

They spent an hour (2 hours of student time so $20) combing the lake shore picking up broken glass, bottle caps, straws, bits of paper, and even one sock! Good for them!! And they spent an hour each walking and working and raising money and helping the environment around a beautiful lake. I am very proud of them. 


Phil Miller said...

Hurray for their service. We need many more like them to preserve the beauty of the earth.

Tahoe Mom said...

Thanks, Phil. I will pass along your comment. They really wanted to do something to support their friend. This worked out beautifully from lots of angles. I think they would be willing to do this even on days the grandparents aren't camping. :)