Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Thoughts

Taking a meditative stroll through the woods with Oso this morning when I looked down at this: 

I have walked this way many times and this was the first time I noticed this. I thought it appropriate as a meditation focus for Palm Sunday. This is going to be an unusual Holy Week for me. Normal would be attendance at a Maundy Thursday service, participating in a prayer vigil long distance with the church I attended in Virginia, some awareness of Good Friday (I have danced at a stations of the cross service, walked a labyrinth, attended services, etc) and then of course the resurrection celebration of Easter morning. 

This year will be slightly different. Wednesday we leave for Ashland to camp over the weekend. Thursday and Friday nights we will attend a middle school production of Peter Pan in which grandson Puck has the role of John Darling (Wendy’s brother). Puck has had nice compliments during rehearsals especially from his choreographer so we are really looking forward to seeing him perform. Easter morning may be spent in church ~ there are a couple of small congregations in the area that I would like to visit some time. Or ~ it may be spent holding my grands close in celebration and gratitude that they are part of my life and I am a part of theirs. Resurrection takes many forms. Thanks be. 

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