Friday, April 11, 2014


For many years my husbands could take “candid” shots of me and I looked wonderful. Candid in quotes because I usually knew the location of the camera. 

Then a couple of years ago, I said to Dean, no more candids. I don’t like the way I look unless I am posed. And for the most part, pictures of me have been in groups when we knew our picture was being taken and I have been fine with that. 

This week, I was So glad to get a haircut that I decided to take a selfie and show you. My first reaction was - yuck! Wrinkles.

Then I remembered a candid picture from our trip that I had not posted because I thought I had too many wrinkles. And then I thought about that picture. 

Look at what I am doing? How can I not love this picture? My sweet granddaughter has climbed up beside me to look at pictures and when I said I needed to close the computer because we were getting ready to leave, she pouted, put her thumb in her mouth and snuggled very close. And I am worried about wrinkles???? Get your head on straight, Susan. Realize what really matters: you love and are loved and lots of those wrinkles stem from laughing, enjoying life and from dimples that still appear when I smile. Silly Mama Susan. Nobody notices wrinkles when you hug. 


Phil Miller said...

Wrinkles don't hurt, do they? Certainly not as much as trying to pretend we're not aging. May you age ever so gracefully! And may your wrinkles amaze those who observe your mental, physical, and spiritual vitality!

Tahoe Mom said...

Thanks, Phil. I was actually rather surprised when I found myself thinking like this so had a bit of a laugh at myself which is why I posted. I hope people don't think I was looking for a compliment ~ and I have never hidden my age. I do appreciate your blessing: aging ever so gracefully! :)

Jane Dudik said...

Wrinkles? What wrinkles? I see a face full of love.

Tahoe Mom said...

Thanks, Jane! :D