Monday, July 10, 2017

Random Round-up

Chapter Three:The last pictures and some stories from the McKay family trip to Tahoe.

Little Man is off to explore the world. 

And isn't happy when he is called back to the
safety of the deck.

Precious loves to build with the blocks her Grandpa made.

And to discover stuffed animals on a high shelf.

Little Man loved to join Mama Susan for breakfast. Mama Susan
quickly learned to scramble him his own egg so to alleviate her 
guilt over eating all her own breakfast. 
Any time I sat in this chair, he wanted in my lap. If I was without eggs,
he was down in a flash.

If we can just keep him cleaning the floor as he grows up.

Ahhhh - this is the life.

Fun at the beach. 

We had another visitor one day. About 30 seconds after I took
this picture, Oso burst out of the shop, barking and levitating as he ran. 
I was worried for a minute he was going to catch the bear. He gave up
the chase while still in sight.

Did you ever wonder what dental floss looked like when explored by
a 17 month old? Now you know!

Proud and happy dad and Little Man at the beach.

Precious was there too and everyone was happy.

The McKay family minus one - our lovely grand daughter Kaitlyn
who has just finished her masters in Germany and will be staying
there to work. It was so good to have Carter with us before he is
deployed with the Marines in November. Kyle lives in Tahoe so 
we were glad he took his evening off to have dinner with us and 
spend some family time. It was a wonderful trip for them and a
delightful time for us.

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