Sunday, July 9, 2017


Chapter Two in last week's journey with grands in Tahoe:

Precious loves it when big brother Kyle plays 
Chutes and Ladders with her.

~ and then sister Carly joins them.

Big brother Carter and Precious have a delightful
conversation. Is he telling her Marine stories?

He's probably faking being asleep but Precious doesn't care.

Carly does all kinds of wonderful things with braids.

An idyllic day at the beach.

Carly teaches Precious to pose for pictures. 

She is also very good with Little Man who is happy with 
Carly but does not want to smile for pictures.

As much fun as being with the younger sibs is,
sometimes it is nice to be older together with
dad and just hang out.


Mike Christie said...

Happy to see these photos on your blog as I've been staying away from Facebook.

Tahoe Mom said...

I didn't post anything anywhere while they were here. Phew! If they weren't around I was collapsed in my deck chair. LOL!