Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hope Continues

I began this Christmas season on the first Sunday of Advent with an appeal to and for Hope. Although I have read Anne Perry’s “A Christmas Secret” over and over, this year I heard the words at the end of the story in a whole different way. It is the late 1800’s and Dominic, the priest, is preaching his Christmas sermon: 

“We are children of God, every one of us, and nearly nineteen hundred years ago He gave us the greatest of the gifts He has, greater even than life. He gave us hope: a way back from every mistake we have made, no matter how small or how large, how ugly or how incredibly stupid, or how shameful. There is no corner of hell secret enough or deep enough for there to be no path back, if we are willing to climb up. It may be hard, and steep, but there is light ahead, and freedom. . . . Do not deny the gift. Accept it for yourself, and for all others. That is what Christmas is: everlasting hope, a way forward to the best in ourselves and all that we can become.” 

I think the country has been incredibly stupid, and now we must make the slow hard climb back to light and freedom. ~ blessings, dear friends, as we continue this journey together

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