Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day at Our House

We woke to white winter wonderland. No need to dream of a white Christmas in Tahoe this year. We took our time, ate breakfast, opened presents, talked to family and then went snowshoeing.

Just like Christmas Eve, the snow was perfect. Oso ran and played. We walked enjoying the views, the blue sky and the day.

Dean decided Oso needed his picture taken wearing a Santa hat. 
No way, Dad! 

Dean finally held Oso's head and the hat on the head and I took a quick picture.
Off came the hat and Oso shook like he had just come out of the water. 

Candles on the table ready for dinner. 

Lamb chops, green beans with almonds, and my grandmother's corn cakes.
I made them for the first time in years for breakfast. Delicious. I had a little 
batter left over and decided if I made them just a little thicker they would be perfect
for bread or a carb with lunch. I was right. A really good Christmas dinner.

Our Advent wreath with the Christ candle lit. 
Blessings to you and yours on this special day. 

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