Friday, December 9, 2016

Naive Expectations

About 18 months ago when the kitchen counter tops were all done, Dean started working on a plan to redo the cabinets. He thought long and hard about how he wanted to do them: sand them in place, take them off and to the shop for sanding, how much, what finish. He also knew he/we needed younger help. Neither of us do floor easily any more. Knees are functioning reasonably well but down on them on the floor just does not work. 

Last month our wonderful Brook came back to clean for us again. She is also very good with painting and crafting and has even served at big dinner parties for me. Dean asked if she might help him with the cabinets. Of course. How does next week, say December 6th, work? Perfect. And my immediate response was, "Oh, wow!! I will come home from New England to a fresh new kitchen!" Brook even told me, she had thought she would have an opportunity to clean again even though her regular time isn't for another week. Ha!! 

Here is what I came to:

I admit, it is an organized mess. Every time I asked, "Where is the . . .?", Dean pointed to the correct box. He assures me that we will get the drawers back soon and that will clear the clutter from the middle of the living room floor. That's a good thing because in a week, we are hosting a small holiday business party and I would really like to use my Christmas china and have people enjoy the decorations ~ and yes, have a place to prepare the food! If they can move around without tripping over boxes, I guess it is ok if they can see into the cabinets. 
Having said all of that, I need to rise from my chair and go to work.


Tuck Wilson said...

Welcome home ;-)

Tahoe Mom said...

Do I hear just a touch of experienced sarcasm in that comment, Tuck? LOL!! You all do understand!