Monday, January 16, 2017

One More Step

I realize that for many of us, the Presidential transition is going to be very hard. We have urged each other to be positive and think and participate in ways we can oppose and move forward. I was reminded today of another step we can take. 

My spiritual energy advisor (ok, guru if you will) would tell me when I was despondent over something, “Let your energy vibrate at the level that is best for the person or thing over which you despair.” For instance, when a grandchild became really, really sick, he reminded me not to plunge into the energy of worry and despair, but to let my energy vibrate at the level that was the best possible for the outcome for the grandchild. Some might call it Positive prayer. 

So my suggestion is that instead of despairing and feeling like we are plowing our way through the positive steps we can take, we should let our energy vibrate at the highest level possible for the best for our government. Let every step we take, every donation we make, every march we join, every letter or phone call we make, be done in Light and Love for each other and for this country of ours which is already great and will continue to be so. 

Love, Light and Compassion will endure and overcome. Blessings, my friends. 

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Mike Christie said...

Thank you for that, Tahoe Mom. I needed that this week. And stay safe and warm up there. Looks like we're going to have to pay attention to staying safe and dry down this way as we head into the end of the week.