Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Circle of Life

Yesterday I was gleeful and excited and so pleased and proud over the arrival into the world of Levi Robert McKay, #13 grand, born on the 13th, turning 13 into one of the luckiest numbers. 
I believe it was The Prophet who said, The deeper hole sorrow carves in the soul, the more joy it can contain. 

Today I weep over the death of a beloved cousin. Although she was 20 or more years older than I, we were of the same generation of cousins and we loved and related to each other from that perspective even though I am closer to the age of her children than to her. It was a call or email that I knew would come. And even when it did, I wasn’t ready. 

Becky had a sense of humor that was timeless and delightful. She would indulge me and later in life my children whenever we would go to DC. Seeing the national monuments was a lot more fun when Becky was your guide. 
                            Becky, seated, surrounded by cousins and her sister and her daughter.
I will miss just knowing she is in the world. And at the same time I rejoice that Levi is in the world and I anticipate seeing him on Face Time today or tomorrow and very soon in person. And in one of those ways that the universe has of caring for us, grandson Joshua called just as I was needing to talk to family. He had no idea that he was calling a crying grandmother. He listened and I shared and the voice of family was in my heart. Shortly after that Meredith called and Michelle emailed from a mall. Family. I am blessed to belong to a widely extended one that love each other and say it often. Those words keep us centered and grounded and blessed. 

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