Sunday, February 21, 2016

How is it Done?

How does one teach reading? In one episode of Downton Abbey, Thomas offers to teach Andy how to read and then later a teacher takes over the job. And that got me to thinking about how one teaches reading. It must take a very special skill. Michelle’s kindergarten teacher told us that she (the teacher) had never had a pupil so ready to read. As I recall, her statement was, “She was ready. All I had to do was open the door and she walked through.” And I wondered at the time and I still wonder, how does a person know how to open that door. We read to the girls even before birth when I would read aloud while studying. They had books. But I had and have no idea how to teach a person to read. It really is an amazing skill and ability. How grateful I am for all those who have that skill and apply it to the next generation of young readers or even to an older generation who slipped through the cracks. I am truly impressed. 

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