Friday, February 19, 2016

Short Snowshoe

Phew! We have almost 2 feet of new powder in the back yard (meaning the forest up the hill from the house). Dean went skiing with family so I was up the hill on snowshoes behind Oso. The problem with letting Oso plow the lane for you is that once in a while he veers off to chase a squirrel or a smell or to explore under a tree. I kept on up the hill. Pick the leg up high, step deep into the new snow, pick the other leg up high and step again into the new snow. This is a healthy, strong 73 year old body and it can only take so much of that for so long. We were on our way home very shortly, reversing our tracks so that it was a bit easier on the already plowed trail. Interesting though: Oso had been running and leaping and sinking in and popping back up and as soon as I said, "Come on Oso, we're going home", he was down the hill to the deck like the speed of light. Even my snow boy had had enough. It was lovely though and should be beautiful and easier for the next several days.

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