Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 7 of Nature Picture Challenge

Day 7: Cinnamon, a very large bear who would grace us with his presence as he wandered across the trail up from the house. He would even stop and pose for a picture like the celebrity he was. He was very grounded and gentle. Big enough that the dogs didn't bother him, he would simple keep walking in his stately, poised manner. We miss him. 

When these picture challenges began to show up on FB, I thought, please, please, please, don't anybody challenge me. And then my good friend did. And I decided to accept although I haven't challenged anyone else or posted my pictures anywhere but on FB. However, I have really, really enjoyed searching out the nature pictures to post. I have years of landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, mountains, lakes, moons and wild animals. And to find the ones to post, I have scrolled through pictures of babies who are now celebrating teenage birthdays; toddlers who are in the Marines; performances by young actors and soccer players; dogs who have crossed the rainbow bridge; short hair that has grown very long; long hair that has been cut; visits from a myriad of friends who have graced our home over the years. This has been a real treat.

And so I will post a challenge. You don't have to post the pictures anywhere. Just scroll through your old pictures. Enjoy your moments in time as they flow past. The task will put a smile on your face even when it makes you a little sad. You will enjoy it. Thank you, Patty Carreras! It's been a Joy!

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