Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Celebration of Life

My last blog was about the circle of life and my sadness at the death of my cousin Becky. She was 95. This morning I talked to Evelyn, another cousin. . She is great for my soul. I was expressing my sadness over Becky’s death and she says: "Becky was old. I’m old. I go to my doctor and he starts on this list of things and I say, wait a minute. How old am I? I’m over 90. What else am I to expect? Get off your high horse.” 

Bless her. I want to be like her. She walks, sleeps, eats, enjoys her grands and great grands and is still in love with life. I’m so glad. And she is right ~ we need to talk to each other when all is well and happy as well as when someone dies or is sick. We need to celebrate life together as often as possible. 

Evelyn and me at her 90th birthday party almost a year ago. 


Mike Christie said...

My dad turned 87 last November. Last fall I picked him up from an endoscopic procedure and the recovery room nurse said, "I'm giving you this diet." My dad said, "You know I'm not going to follow it." He loves big, bold flavors in his food, and he's not going to allow his doctors to tell him otherwise. He believes that life is to short for that. I love my dad!

Tahoe Mom said...

Yay for your dad!! And what I haven't said is how amazing it is that my cousin lived 95 years. Wow!!! That's quite a life. Lots to celebrate there.