Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Continuing Kitchen Saga

At the end of May, I posted pictures of the new kitchen granite going in with new cook top and sink. Still remaining to be done, the island tops. As of this morning the island in the middle of the kitchen is done! Yay! Here is it's story. 

Pine boards were carefully fit together in the shop.

There was lots of minute adjustments.

There was lots and lots of measuring.

Benjamin came to help with the installation.

Making sure it fits. 

Liquid wood goes on the ply wood.

Careful adjustment before the glue dries.

It required clamping ~ 

Lots of clamping!

Benjamin, being younger and more limber, was designated to crawl under. 

Three coats of oil, three of acrylic ~ 

And voila! it is ready for use. Sunday breakfast about to commence!

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