Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thank You, Firefighters!

I have often mentioned helicopter pilot, fire-fighting, son-in-law David. This is a busy season for him. I know you can't see him, and he is the pilot in this aircraft, dipping water from some nearby lake or stream (or possibly ocean given where they were last week).

Unfortunately not all little towns are pleased to be invaded by firefighters. Garberville, CA was different. Many stores posted their support of those who were supporting them.

Northern California, Oregon and Washington are for all practical descriptions on fire. It is dry and dusty out here. Campfire permits have been cancelled. There are international firefighters arriving daily to support those arriving from all over this country. If you should be having lunch next to a table of firefighters in your town, stop by and say thanks. Even if you have lots of rain and no forests around, say Thanks. These folks are the heroes of the season. 

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