Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Family Walk to the Pond

We woke to a smoky Ashland morning. The house was closed tight by the time I was up and I decided not to walk. Then the smoke cleared, breakfast made me feel better, allergy meds made me feel even better and I asked if anyone would like to walk. Everybody did ~ and Owlet suggested we go to the pond. She had taken Puck and me last spring but had never had a chance to take her mom. So off we went on an adventure.
~ but first they had to show off new shoes bought at the mall yesterday.

The path to the Pond had ripening black berries.

A heron was standing on a log in the middle of the Pond.

The bridge took us down another path to discover ~

~ trees that Owlet and her class had planted last year. 

Her very own tree.

A beautiful flower on the way home.

Puck sat down in the road to wait and ~ oops,
you sit in the road and you get sat upon. 

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