Monday, August 17, 2015

Lassen National Park

On the road to Ashland. We drove through Lassen National Park. Beautiful scenery, wide views of summer rocky peaks.

Mt. Lassen

The sweep of the land.

Manzanita Lake ~ great fishing during the cool of spring and fall days.
Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards in the summer. 

And then we headed for Shasta. If you squint, you can see Mt. Shasta between the pines. Normally the sky would be blue and Shasta would be a shining beacon at the end of the road. Yesterday smoke covered it to the point that it is barely there. *sigh* ~ Makes one very grateful for folks like our son-in-law who are on the front lines fighting all these fires. Our trip to Ashland was safe and our arrival greeted with joy and lots of hugs. 

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