Monday, August 10, 2015

MD Live

As you know, one son-in-law is a helicopter pilot. This time of year he is fighting fires, mostly in remote areas of the country. Daughter travels with him. Lots of adventures as they have explored small towns, large towns, the back of the beyond. As they live in New England wherever they are is a long way from home. 

This week, they are on the west coast fighting the Humbolt Complex fire in northern California. They arrived on Thursday and on Friday morning Daughter woke with an ear infection. These have been chronic since her childhood and she knows how to treat them. This one was severe enough that OTC drugs weren’t doing it for her and she needed to see a doctor on Monday. While chatting with a friend on Saturday morning, she mentioned she was going to have a hard time making it until Monday. Within the last 48 hours the friend had heard about MD Live and suggested she try it. 

Great suggestion!! She went on line and registered ($50) and filled out the easy to navigate site. She was even told she was a long way from home and it checked to make sure she really was in California. She was given a choice of doctors who could handle ear infections - she chose a phone contact because she had no video capability. Within minutes she was called by a doctor who is licensed to prescribe in CA, who listened, understood what does and doesn’t work for her ears, and with one click sent a prescription to a pharmacy two blocks from the hotel. Two hours later she walked to the pharmacy, picked up her prescription and by Sunday morning with meds and a good night’s sleep was feeling Much better!!! 

I checked out the website before writing this. MD Live was established in 2009 and so you may already know about it and be using it. We didn’t know and it is wonderful. I am thinking about my daughter of course and how often she travels with her husband. But there are also all those traveling families with little ones who get strep or ear infections or fall and cut something and parents aren’t sure if it needs stitches or just a bandaid. Having someone look at it before you leave your hotel or camp site to find a clinic would be very reassuring. I am sure you can also use the site from your own home. It may be the wave of the future for reasonably simple doctor visits. I’m certainly bookmarking it on my computer. 

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