Thursday, September 3, 2015

School Starts

For the grands school started on a variety of days in August and into September. Our second grader started the second week in August. The high schooler started the next week. Two others, living in a different city started late August. And finally Owlet and Puck started this week. Theirs are the only pictures I have to post although Grandpa and Mama Susan are very proud of all of them. 

Owlet begins 5th grade - the last grade of elementary school. We are very excited for her because our 5th grade experience was terrific and we both remember it well. Here's that it may be the same for her.

Puck is now in 8th grade - the last grade of middle school. His middle school brings in the sixth graders by themselves on day one so they are not overwhelmed by all these experienced 7th and 8th graders. 

The neighbor cat, Makai, supervises the last prep for the bus and the walk to school. Owlet's school is around the corner from Puck's bus stop so they walk most of the way together. 

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