Monday, March 23, 2015

The Adventure of One Glitch

Home again, home again. We had one glitch adventure. Just as Dean walked up to the airport counter last night to check departure time once again, the flight was cancelled. Because he was standing right there, we got the first attention from the very nice gate agent who gave us seats on a flight out early the next morning and a voucher for our hotel stay. They put us in the Marriott and Dean upgraded to the concierge floor. As we were checking in I said I was going to stop at the Lobby Shop and buy toothpaste and a brush. The desk clerk said, oh we have those. When she checked and they were out she had them with a razor and shaving soap brought to the room. Being on the concierge floor, we went to the lounge and had some cheese, crackers, salad, dip, and sweets. Not much but just enough that we didn’t have to go out to dinner anywhere. 

What I am grateful for: free stuff, a hot shower, hairdryer.

Pleasant hotel and airline staff

People who were already at work at the very early hour of 5:30 when we arrived at the airport, went through security, and had a lovely breakfast at Wolfgang Puck’s. 

The knowledge to de-ice a plane and have it moving back from the gate on time. 

Seats on a plane even though they were middle ones way back in the back.

A flight attendant who requested people remain in their seats for just a few minutes after landing so that about 20 of us trying to make flights before 10 o’clock could make it out and to our flights. I kept saying Thank You to them all the way up the aisle. Got lots of smiles in return. 

Dean’s two great ideas today: leave me and the baggage (heavy even though it rolled) on the curb while he went to get the car and bring it around and Dickey’s for lunch. Having had breakfast at 4 am Reno time, by 12:15 I was ready for lunch. 

A clean house to come home to. 

A dog glad to see us. 

A massage chair whose “fatigue recovery” setting has already done its magic. 

It was a wonderful trip and the glitch in the last 18 hours was ready as painless as a glitch can be. 

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