Thursday, March 12, 2015

History of a Different Kind

Found out last night that one of the young men involved in the racial chant at OU was a graduate of Highland Park High School. Tainted by association more than 50 years later. Students have come to the school’s defense saying his actions do not represent the school, students, faculty or alumni. I appreciate that. I still feel a wrench in my gut - he came from my school. When we were talking about it last night, Dean even said he felt “violated”. 

Yes, we grew up in the south in the 50’s. Racism was rampant. As white children we didn’t realize it, and some of us knew something was out of kilter. As we grew into awareness, we recognized and tried to do something about it. We joined the Civil Rights movement. We did big things. We did small things. But we tried to grow and learn and change what we could. 

I hope the students today will learn more from who we became than who one of their fellows is today. 

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