Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fun New Learning

I seem to learn about my technology by friendly accident. As in ~ my friend says, “I have an iPhone 6 now and one thing I really like is that it tells me how many steps I take in a day.” Oh really? I have an iPhone 6 and I didn’t know that. Well, it does. There is a little “Health” icon and one of the things in that app that is just there is how many steps you take, how many miles you walk and how many steps you climb.

Yesterday, before I ever realized this was possible to learn, I had my phone on me through 2569 steps, 1.15 miles and 10 floors climbed. 

That doesn’t include gym steps or miles when I usually put my phone down. Or early morning when I am getting dressed, feeding Oso and messing around the kitchen before breakfast. Those steps may never be recorded. I will record what I can in gym. The 10 floors probably come close although I realize I have been downstairs already this morning without my phone. It obviously works in my purse because the steps are usually climbed with my purse slung over my shoulder. 

What a discovery! I’m going to have fun for a while. 

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