Saturday, March 7, 2015

Strange Choice

When I got up and pulled on grubby clothes this morning, I put on my gym shoes. I often wander the woods in them as well. Took Oso out and discovered that between the deck and the hill there had been no sun and the steep bank was icy. Solution? Go back in and change into my hiking boots. Do I do that relatively easy thing? No. Of course not. 

I make my way down the snow-cleared drive and up the steep berm between our house and next door. Only to find, I probably needed my boots anyway. Oh well. Walk where I can, letting Oso have a bit of a run and do what he needed to do ~ and smell the Very Clear bear tracks coming up on the other side of our neighbor’s house. Then I came back down the berm and back up the drive. A lot of energy expended so I didn’t have to change shoes. Silly me. 

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