Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Very Special Thank You

As most of you who read this through FaceBook know, our Puck has pneumonia in his left lung. We are grateful for mom’s tuition who decided it was time to go beyond pushing fluids and getting rest, a doctor who knows when a lung doesn’t sound quite right and that it is time to take treatment to another level. All will be well. Antibiotics, an inhaler and no need to admit to the hospital. 

His mom posted his chest X-ray on FB with a description similar to what I said above and the comments started coming in. Many, many people “liked” that he would be better. So many people commented sharing caring, prayers, words of encouragement for both Puck and his family. 

And in the midst of all that outpouring of care, Puck realized for the first time in his life how many people really did care about him. In his words: 
"Huh. That's an indescribable feeling knowing that so many people are thinking about me. Thank you.”

We are indeed surrounded by a great cloud of caring and love from folks who reach out to us in so many good and positive ways. Puck’s awareness of that fact has been raised and his family is grateful for it too. Thank you. 

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