Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sage Hen Creek Hike

It was a beautiful June - uh - March day in Tahoe and Dean, Oso, neighbor Dianne and I took what is know around here as the Sage Hen Hike, an event that rarely happens before June.
The temperature was perfect. We were 4 of 10 or less folks on the trail. There were no flowers blooming and the hike itself was worth every step. 

Nice to sit at the edge of the meadow and rest half way through
 ~ have a treat or two and if you're human, a little lunch.

Friend Dianne who suggested the hike.
Thanks, Dianne! It was perfect.

Silly and fun

The creek ~ a fun place to jump in, drink and get cool.

Oso ran almost the whole 5 1/2 miles, 
back and forth, all around and had a great time, as did we. 

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