Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

I never know quite how to approach Valentine’s Day. It’s not just for lovers any more. We understand the breadth and depth of love in all its nuances and although we still set aside this day for lovers to express their special feelings for each other, there is so much more to it than just that. 

I remember so well the first Valentine’s Day after Rex died. I was at a meeting in California. His tickets to be with me had already been bought. We were going to celebrate this day together in a very special way. I was bereft and numb. There was a knock on the hotel room door and there stood a bellman with a bouquet of flowers from my children. I have never felt so incredibly loved, remembered and cared for. 

I think of all those times when the unconditional love of a dog met me at the door, welcoming me home from either a week’s journey or a 15 minute trip to the store. 

I have “one of those friends”. She is only 6 months younger than I am and we have known each other all that time. We may go six to nine months with no communicating word and one of us will call or email and we pick up in the moment as if we had spoken yesterday. Our love for each other is deep and lifelong and we know we are there for each other. 

Friends, family, pets ~ all surround us with love. And we give love back. We have such a capacity for love. Could I ever love any more than when my first child was born - yes, as soon as my second was born. Could I ever love any more than when my first grandchild was born - yes, as soon as I joined a blended family and inherited a whole bunch of grands and more were born. Could I ever love another dog like this one - yes, as soon as another wonderful pet arrived on our doorstep. And could I ever love again after the death of my wonderful husband? Yes, when my childhood buddy came back into my life and we discovered each other as adults and once again love bloomed. 

And so we come full circle from lovers to discovering there is more to love than being lovers to lovers again. Whatever direction our love is taking today, may we be aware of how important love is in our lives and give and receive it in all its possibilities. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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