Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Fun Side of Snow

Yes, we are in a draught. Yes, we will take precipitation in any form it comes. And when it comes like this, the mountains rejoice. Today was Snowfest and it was actually snowing during the parade. Dean and I found a window when it wasn't snowing and put on our snowshoes for the first time in three years!! There were only about 8 inches on the hill but that is enough to need the snowshoes, just about right for Dean who plows the lane, and perfect for Oso who run and leaps and bounces and frisks knowing it was all for him. We returned just in time for the snow to start falling again, slipped into the hot tub and watched it fall. Dean will ski tomorrow. I will go take Oso out back, making use of today's trail and being grateful. 

Don't stop, dad. Come on, let's play!

Because I wanted my picture taken.

We have more pictures of this view and it is always lovely.

The cold frame: inside it is 45. No tomatoes of course but warm anyway.

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