Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sometimes It Overwhelms You

We are having a draught. All the snow and ice and rain has passed us by to land with a vengeance on the mid-west and east coast. We are aware. We have been warned by our governments to use less water, conserve, be careful. We have bemoaned not only the lost skiing fun but also the economic impact. I have even on a couple of occasions mentioned my concern for people like the delightful young couple who manage the cross country ski center ~ after all Dean hasn’t been skiing there for two years. I didn’t think much about it though ~ snow would come. 

Two days ago the young man walked out onto the snow-deprived trails and took his life. He was depressed, there had been no snow for almost three years and there was no money. He left two young children and an amazing wife. The whole Tahoe community mourns. Lovely warm winters are not worth it. We need snow. 

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