Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's An Old Idea

I am thinking that we have substituted the term “political correctness” for the word “respect” in order to avoid having to deal with our true feelings about someone else. If you denigrate your language by sneeringly calling it PC, then you don’t have to admit that  you think less of me for being a woman for instance, instead of changing your language to talk about human kind instead of mankind. You can laugh away PC instead of your lack respect when you tell a racist joke or bunch all people of one race or group together instead of realizing every race and group includes good, bad and indifferent people. You can sneer at me for being “politically correct” instead of acknowledging that just maybe I am using such language because I respect another human being’s right to their feelings. 

We need to return to a very old idea, and begin again to “do unto others”, say about others, act toward others, be to others as we would have them do, say, act and be toward us.

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