Sunday, November 23, 2014

All in the Name of Football

Dean and John had been invited by the Dean of the Business School at UNR to a football game on a warm, sunny September afternoon. Neither were in town and unable to go. The Dean reissued the invitation for last night, a cold, blustery November day. They accepted. 

What to wear? Layers . . . upon layers. Emailed Robert who went there and is a big fan to discover the UNR colors: blue and silver. Perfect. Grey jeans, blue top with grey vest. And my red coat and hat because that is what I have to keep me really warm. It wasn’t until we were half way down the hill that Dean remembered that Fresno State colors were red and grey and there I was in my grey jeans and my red hat and coat. Ah well. I did have to explain to some UNR fans giving us their seats as they were leaving the restaurant that No I was really a UNR fan and they could safely give me their seat!

In the stadium we had special box seats. The box was a small area at one corner of the field next to the UNR cannon. Dean was the only one who remembered to cover his ears when the Wolf Pack scored and the cannon exploded. My ears were covered enough in layers of warmth that the sound wasn’t too bad. 

The box also provided some very nice food, including (thank goodness) hot chocolate in a huge container that kept it hot all night. I was very grateful. 

By the end of the evening I was wearing six layers including Dean’s sweat shirt over my red jacket. At least I looked less like a Fresno State fan. When I had found my fuzzy boots, they had new winter socks in them. I had forgotten buying them last spring on sale somewhere. They were Perfect. My feet stayed warm. I sat on a blanket and Marian and I put the other blanket over our knees, the only places we were really cold until late into the evening. 

I had told Robert that on his behalf I would try to care who won the game. By the time of the first long pass, I realized I was back in football mode and would have to be careful not to out yell my throat capacity. No worry about 
caring or not who won. Unfortunately the Wolf Pack lost rather badly. The cold got to us though and we left before the end of the 3rd quarter. By then it was already 10:45 and the game still had some time to go. 

We spent the night with our friends so we didn’t have to drive back over the mountain. It was lovely and they provided an amazing breakfast before we did come home. It was a cold, fun evening and maybe next year the guys will be able to accept the invitation to the warm, fall September afternoon game. I’ll go back for that. 

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