Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gratitude for Gifts

I always say Thank You when I am given a gift. Mothers teach us early to write thank you notes or these days send an email or make a phone call. Sometimes we despair over whether that manner has really been learned but on the whole, we are grateful for gifts and say Thank You. 

This morning Dean was making chili and I noticed he was using his Ulu, an Alaskan knife with a rounded blade, to cut onions. Several years ago when they were living in Alaska, our daughter and son-in-law sent him the Ulu for Christmas. He still uses it and we are grateful for it. Maybe it is time to say thank you again. 

 Dean’s whole family gave him a rolling table/cutting board for the deck. It stays very close to the grill and has been used for a buffet, a bar, storage and any number of other things. We both continue to be grateful and so we say thank you again.  

I brought with me from Virginia a large round tray and a blue and white bowl, both received at different Christmases from friends who came to visit us this summer. As I continue to use both items I lot, I said thank 
you again even though they didn’t really remember that they were the gifters. 

Sometimes gifts come in the form of learnings. I have always made terrific pie crust and yet my daughter was able to give me several tips that have raised the quality of my really good pie crust. Thank you again. 

At this Thanksgiving season it is fun to remember the thoughtfulness that knew us so well that we continue to use the gifts over and over. It is time to say Thank You again. 

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