Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vanity Got Me

A while ago - maybe 3 months - I ordered a pair of pants on line - not quite sweats but just a bit up from that. I ordered a large. They came and were Way too big. Wow! How nice. So I returned them and asked that they be replaced with a medium. They sent me a small.  *sigh* — I tried them on anyway and they fit. Another wow! The smalls fit. How very, very nice. And so I wore them. 

Now, here’s the thing. I don’t have a full length mirror. So what I saw fitting was around my waist and hips. Still very good. But . . . one day I see myself in the porch door glass and there are three to four inches of white sock showing between my sneakers and the hem of my slacks. Oops. Hips are not the only place clothes are sized. 

They have become my gym slacks - perfect as long as I don’t go anywhere but gym, PO and grocery store — very early in the morning. Forget the selfie to illustrate this. You get the image and that will have to be sufficient. 


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Yep - we have to laugh at ourselves, don't we?