Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

It is so much fun to take Oso for a walk in the "back yard". There are always new things to see or (if you are Oso) to sniff. Five extra steps up or to the right and you are in the middle of different rocks and stumps and clusters of pines. This morning was delightful. I walked a slow steady pace. Oso ran and stopped to sniff and ran and stopped to sniff. And when I would walk on suddenly there he came, racing past me like the wind only to stop and sniff some more. Toward the end of the walk, he knew we were heading home and the running became almost frantic: down to the deck, up the hill, down to the deck, around the deck, up the hill, down to the deck with a finally stop for wiggling at the door hoping it would open by itself. It didn't however. He had to wait for pokey ole mom to get there ~ ah but once inside there was a treat!

A sunshine path up the hill ~

Interesting trees ~ 

Oso way ahead wondering if I am coming ~ 

Lightning strike from years ago with lots of neat smells around the bottom ~ that dark mound is Oso

One last view of the lake, the woods and the sky as we head to the house. What a special back yard!

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