Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Bliss of an Apology

I charge my cell phone every night. Because of where the outlet is, in the morning I unplug the phone and the cord, placing the cord on a nearby table. 

Several days ago I went back to the table to get the cord in order to download some pictures to my computer. The cord wasn’t there. Gone. Poof. Disappeared. 

I looked everywhere. And began to have shades of dementia hovering around my 71 year old brain. Dean had no idea. He wouldn’t have taken my phone cord. And I was going to Ashland. How would I charge my phone there? Well, we worked all that out but still ~ where was the cord? 

One day while I was in Ashland Dean called. In the middle of the conversation he said, “I think I owe you an apology. I looked in my grey backpack for my phone and there were two cords in there. I think I must have taken yours.” 

Apology accepted!!! Apology accepted with great laughter and giggles and explosive breaths of relief!!! Wow!!! No dementia. No magic. No 4th dimensional time warp. Just picking up stuff and missing the fact that he had picked up one cord too many. *sigh* Lovely. 

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